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Interview - Big Data - Buzzword or revolution

Big Data - Buzzword or revolution

Thursday 04 June 2015
Author: Mark K - BI Project Manager

Speaking at Big Data Paris 2015, Access France sales director Mathieu Chabeaud considers whether Big Data is here to stay.

At the "Big Data Paris 2015" show, Mathieu Chabeaud, Sales Director of Access France, revisits the Big Data phenomenon.

Big Data: Buzzword or revolution?

"In my view, there is probably too much buzz around the term 'Big Data'. And I think that it raises significant misunderstanding and confusion within companies.

However, behind the buzzword, Big Data is a reality, if not a revolution. It represents an evolution in the way companies should work with their data.

It’s nothing new, data analysis has always been a key driver of business success. However, today we see 3 major changes in the management of data within companies:

1 - Data volume is forever increasing
2 - Data sources are becoming richer and more diverse. They can also come from outside the company.
3 - We become more and more impatient every day! As the digital world is at everyone's fingertips it has imposed a culture of immediacy. Data analysis must therefore be in real time to offer real value

What is the difference between Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI)?

For some people, "Business Intelligence" and "Big Data" are contradictory: BI is tantamount to looking in the rear-view mirror, while Big Data lies in managing in "real-time".

I do not really agree with this opposition. Big Data brings a new dimension to BI: helping to get immediate answers through real-time analysis in the light of past experience. In other words, we enrich real time data with historic data.

The real challenge today is to bring the two approaches together: upgrading traditional BI tools into next-generation solutions so that the capabilities of BI technology can be united with the innovation of Big Data technology.

How Access Insight solution respond to Big Data challenges?

Our technology derives its value from bringing Big Data and Business Intelligence together. For over 10 years, our research and development teams have put innovation at the heart of their strategy, enabling our customers to process, merge and explore large volumes of data, from multiple sources, in record time.

What is truly stunning with Access Insight is the ability to provide all the power and wealth of a very advanced platform with incredible simplicity for the end user.

The last project that we implemented, for Volkswagen, allowed the launch of the solution for their entire network in less than 10 consulting days.

Each Sales Manager now has full visibility on the evolving market and a zone-by-zone perspective. They can now identify opportunities in their sector so that they can take appropriate action. The multiple sources and the very large data volume would simply have remained unexploited without Access Insight."


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